Galleries and Online Art services

  • Making 3D prints of paintings from galleries collections.
  • Sale of 3D prints from Prixel collection.

Artists, painters

  • Prixel is able to create of high-quality and accurate copies of your paintings. Provides sales of copies on Prixel service. All copies made by using an innovative 3D printing technology. It allows to make perfect replica of any picture and retain all surface elements to the smallest stroke.

Digital Art Artists

  • Prixel provides service of relief generation on images and 3D print special collections limited edition for exhibitions and sale.

Advertising agencies, Event-companies – Commercial Gift

  • 3D replicas of fine art masterpieces are unforgettable gift for clients, employees and company partners. Each company has own professional subject. Prixel Team could select private collections of paintings for every holidays, rewarding, competition.
  • The price of 3D printing include the services to digitize any painting by request. Original painting should be in the Public Domain and production of copies is not limited to copyright.
  • The price includes the services of a designer packaging of 3D prints, and materials for premium design. Usual period of production of special collection is 2 weeks.

For designers and interior showrooms

Using of 3D printing in the interiors at homes and commercial centers is limited only by your imagination. The image can be printed to any base thickness up to 10 cm: paper, glass, metal, wood, ceramics, leather. Printed 3D relief image Prixel does not require lamination and can even be used outdoors. 3D prints Prixel don’t react to weather conditions, corrosive environments. Prints are ideal for use in outdoor conditions, UV-inks are used to print, resistant to fading under the influence of direct sunlight. It is possible to print on the interior for your sketches with the generation of relief. Prixel advantages: high accuracy matching the original, mass production, durable prints, no manual work, low cost, unlimited range.

Shops, Publishing companies, Printing houses.

Commercial offer for wholesale purchase of 3D prints and other forms of cooperation are considered individually.