3D print on polygraphic machines

Reproduction of a relief layer by layer

Many images contain 3D data: oil painting with relief brushstrokes, art bas-reliefs and etc. You can store such images in 3D file, but you can not print it with existing polygraphic processes. From the other hand, with usual 3D printers you can reproduce surfaces of any form and complexity, but color possibilities are too weak. In such systems, the color is reproduced only by mixing main composite and the color admixture. So the color gamut getting too narrow. Moreover, printing resolution don't exceed 100 dots per inch(dpi) and that is too low in comparison with polygraphic systems having resolution more than few thousands dot per inch

Moreover, technology of layered printing with colored composite has resolution that doesn't exceed 100 dots per inch(dpi) and is too low in comparison with polygraphic systems having resolution more than few thousands dpi.

 Example of color printing on existing 3D printers

Developed method involves using color photopolymer polygraphic systems for creation color 3D images in high resolution. Applying a relief, unlike existing flat application of paint, allows reproduce relief of art masterpieces and other complex surfaces in accordance with the 3D model.

Example of using Prixel technology for printing colorful 3D images


3D model for future product can be derived by any known methods of creation of polygonal models with color textures: 3D scanning, reconstruction from photos, 3D modeling and etc. Next you need to prepare model for layering photopolymer inks and varnishes. Optimal thickness of layer should be chosen in accordance with the properties of the printing system.

Our method getting of layers to print from polygonal model implies using of Z-Buffer, that allows to get all data about relief in one step. Z-Buffer contains data for model's slice thickness in hundredths of a millimeter and method returns "1" for highest point and "0" for a lowest point. Any modifications of poligonal mesh is not needed. This way, the result of process is a b/w mask for cutting off the image before printing of the layer.

 Example of representation of a relief by a color

Automatic creation of layered file, that contains masks for every layer, is provided by special program, that takes several input parameters for that operation.

 Example of sliced relief represented by a color